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Owr awards

James Crowe Memorial Award for Sculpture/3D, piece “Beauty Within”

Judges Top Six Award HAP 2011, piece “Blue Majesty”

Best of Show Fictional 3 Top 10 Finalists 2012, piece
“Explosion by Nature” 

Honorable Mention TVAA Show Eye of the Beholder, piece “Beauty Growing out of Despair”
The Rockin' Artists, “Sisters In Art,” started in 2004 when Lynn and Sissy decided to do a joint mosaic piece for their mother.

Through the talent and direction of their teacher Karen Gilboux at the Creative Arts Center in East Dallas, they were able to complete this project. As everyone knows, there are times when sisters don't get along, but Karen only had to intervene one time in an eight-week class.

​Ladies, there is a period in your life when you know you have made your mother proud. Well I must admit that we are still reaping the benefits from the piece of art, "Flowers for Mom.”

Lynn Reagan

I like to incorporate mirrors in my works of art—the lights reflects off of them in ways that normal tiles and other objects cannot do. My piece “Max” has generated lots of comments from artists and viewers alike on how you can manipulate all types of materials (the keys) into a work of art.  This piece inspired us to do another like it—hence “Bull Jr” was born and lots of Red Bull product was smashed, bent and pulled. 

Elizabeth "Sissy" Bingham

I really like to construct 3D mosaics out of found objects from curb shopping and browsing around the local Salvation Army and Goodwill Stores.  It is amazing what people throw away—remember—someone else’s trash ARE my treasures. “Beauty Within” and other pieces like her generate many comments on how and where did you find such unusual pieces. When not constructing mosaic pieces you can find me in the La Hoya Glass Studio working with vitragraph—my favorite form of warm glass. 

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